World of Omphalos

Cards, a dead pig, and a kidnapping

Group 3's First Game!

Our unlikely heroes find themselves at a card table in an inn in the town of East Bridge, a River-side community separated from its sister, West Bridge, by an ancient span of white stone. Riardon, Sol, Vanessa, and Dusty each find themselves pitted against each other in a casual card game accompanied also by two elves who identify themselves as Lura and Saerin from Wyrmwood. What started as an easy going game quickly turned into a no-holds-bar poker game, the prize being whatever money was inside the pot and the deciding rites to a unified decision on which contract the inn had to offer. Celin’s comical nature did nothing to dissuade the tension as 3 members of our unlikely crew were quickly caught cheating, resulting in both Celin and his sister Luna promptly leaving the table with whatever money he could get his hands on in a fluster. To make matters worse, the town’s polarized neighbor, West Bridge, decided it would be a fun prank to release pigs into the inn, which, of course, ran for the group’s table. Riardon, Dusty and Vanessa attempted to wrangle the little piglets, while much to their dismay, Sol decided it was better to slaughter to mother pig in its tracks. The poor farmer, whose pigs had been released against his wishes into the inn, was in a panic, sobbing over the loss of his pig. After the townsmen removed the carcass, despite Sol’s wishes to butcher it on the spot, the inn managed to quiet down. Vanessa had a few words with Riardon, holding him responsible for his friend’s bizarre actions and the group separated to find out about the possible contracts.

While Riardon worked his charm on a flirtatious caravan woman, Vanessa too used her charm to get any rumors from a young half-elf lady at the bar. Riardon managed to get information about a possible guard accompaniment for the caravan troupe while Vanessa was lamented about rumors of West Bridge beer turning a man sterile, frogmen cults in the wood and a possible contract for goblin ears from the forest. But while some of the group managed to get useful information, Sol decided to pick a fight with the elf that stole from them, accusing them of cheating. After a brief tussle which resulted in the elf being pushed to the floor, Sol was approached not just by one woman, whom he swatted away, but again by a seductive tiefling woman, wooed by his aggressive charm. The two made their way upstairs while Dusty used the commotion to steal and pick pockets. And though as much as Vanessa would have liked to continue consorting with the barmaid, she found herself babysitting her companion, Dusty, pulling him from the betting tables before he made matters worse with his drinking. Rairdon too found his night disappointing, having to trance on the bench outdoor his room with Sol.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful until early morning when Vanessa woke to creaking sounds outside her room. Sneaking to the door, she inadvertently blew her cover, as she came eye to eye with one of the men making their way down the hall. Quickly taking cover, she awoke her companion Dusty and prepared for battle. As combat started, Rairdon quickly awoke and joined the fray, banging on the wall of Sol’s room. Clothed in their sleeping garments, and Sol butt naked, the group ended up managing to chase the group outside, with Dusty hot on their tales stealthing out the window. While Vanessa frantically grabbed her things, Sol booked it down the stairs with nothing but his bastard sword in hand. By the time they reached outside, Dusty lay badly wounded on the ground. Vanessa rushed to his side while Sol and Riardon ran after the assailants who had managed to capture and use the caravan woman as a shield. Yelling for help, Vanessa desperately tried to revive her companion, having to rely on her dark powers to abate him dying. With the Innkeeper’s help she brought him inside while Sol and Riardon managed to finish the kidnappers off and return the caravan woman back to the inn.


Fantastic write up! Thanks Beth!


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