World of Omphalos

Festival of Light Part I

Group 2 in the City of Kalis

The troupe of adventurers and their companion Galina, travelled the road South to the city of Kalis.

After two days walking they reached the open western gate of the high-walled city. With a population of over 30,000 people, this was quite a site. Mula’s stomach began to knot as they passed through the gate, her senses overwhelmed by sight, sound and smell, even in this relatively well ordered human construction.

Galina told the group they would be welcome at her family’s home. This turned out to be a large city estate. A mansion in the center of a well groomed grassy lawn and beds of flowers or sculpted shrubbery is protected by a wall and a large iron gate.

They met James the butler and were shown to rooms on the second floor. The group decided to go out that afternoon and collect the bounty on their collection of goblin and orc ears, keeping their gear with them.

Mula seemed to become quite overwhelmed by being in the city. The smells and sounds freaked her out a bit and she left the group for a time to collect herself.

The group wandered through the city until they located a bounty office run by the city. As they did so, they encountered a quiet tiefling man, who just dropped off a large sack of ears similar to what they were seeking to cash in on.

The officious, thin lipped man behind the counter adjusted the bounty value down like a stock price after the tiefling dropped off the ear. At the incredulous looks of the party, he just said that “The Hunter” had filled the quota the city had set and their ears were not as valuable now.

After claiming their money, the group was eager to spend it and relax. Aiza, still thinking about having to leave Boots behind just said, “I want a drink.”

The group wandered around until they found The Frothy Mug tavern and settled down to a large round table. The place was quite lively with a fat obsequious inn keeper named Fargus smiling at them when they flashed their new found gold.

The party started downing drinks, a silence settling over them. Grum walked over to the bar after he noticed a rather attractive half orc lady was bar-tending. Grum learned her name was Hava and started flirting with her in an unexpectedly successful manner.

The group met an entertaining server, a small gnome named Jinkle who caries around a step ladder between table so that he can reach the top and distribute drinks. He chats up the party and asks about them as he walks across the table to present the group their drinks.

The party noticed that the tiefling they saw earlier was in the same tavern and he sent over a nice bottle of elven wine to their table. He raised a glass to them after they got it as he sat alone at his table.

Xylia walked over to the Hunter’s table. She bantered with him a bit to suss him out before he insulted her, sending the rogue angrily back to her party’s table.

The group continued to drink as an emboldened Grum continued to make friends with Hava. At a near-by table, another group of rowdy adventurers was enjoying their evening. Grum was getting quite smashed and a depressed Aiza was starting to feel relaxed as was Mardis.

Elgeiros began to give Jinkle a hard time, and the gnome in the near-by group took offense. Hyjinx ensued as pranks between the tables ensued.

Some members of the group participate in dart throwing or arm wrestling. Xylia makes an excuse to visit the powder room and is not seen again in the bar that night.

A drunk arm wrestler gets rough with Jinkle and hurts him. Hava kicks him out as the party watches on.

Eventually the other table of adventurers heads out and Elgeiros uses his magic to harrass the gnome in the party.

Elgeiros gets in a confrontation with the party and with Hava who expels him from the tavern. The rest of the group goes with him.

As they are making their way back toward the mansion where they are being put up, a figure emerges from the shadows and attacks the group with amazing speed. Aiza goes down, falling unconcious from a deliberate pommel blow to he temple. The tiefling, whom the group realizes is “The Hunter”, must have followed them from the bar, deliberately did not use a lethal strike on Aiza.

The Hunter miscalculated the group’s strength however as he is quickly over matched by the four remaining party members, including blasts of fire from Elgeiros which took him down.

As the red-skinned tiefling’s body remained on the ground bleeding out, the group drags him to a near by alley and force-feeds him a healing potion. He awakens to their questioning, but not recognizing the group’s lethal intent refuses to answer them, once more underestimating them. Elgeiros stabs the man in frustration, knocking him out and spilling his blood onto the alley. Some how Elgeiros’ blow did not kill him outright and the tough tiefling continued to draw unconcious breath. Elgeiros nods slightly at Grum who stomped on his chest until he stopped breathing.

After completing their looting of the body which included some money and weapons, they headed back to the Mansion.

Xylia meets them there explaining that she felt sick and went home.

Grum drags Aiza over to a bed and everyone sleeps off their alcohol and recovers from their wounds for the morning.

No one notices that their host is not to be found.



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