World of Omphalos

The Future returns - by Britchard

At the rundown inn, the group takes a short breather.

Knock Knock Knock someone is at the Door Cybris opens the door and its Elgerious but much older and with one eye.

“Elgerious and Grum you must come with me.”
Prove to us who you are said Young Elgeiros.

Old Elgeiros casts a spell and everything but the group stops.

LUJOR said old Elgeiros and Young Elgeriouses staff shot to the and of old Elgerious.
I have much to teach you Young Elgeiros come with me and bring Grum.

Why I come with you Says grum.
Young Elgeiros he has many axes.
OhHHH i like ax says grum.

Grum goes out and Old Elgeiros has a pitch dark circle in front of him.
Beside him in a chest out floats a shiny silver ax.
Grum this is your ax said old Elgeiros. and the ax is thrown into the darkness.
Grum without hesitation also jumps in.
Believe me, its just easier this way says old Elgerious.
Young Elgeiros walks over to old Elgeiros and they disappear.

Time then unfreezes and Cybris goes what just happened. Also shocked Xylia, Azia and Margo reply that they have no idea and that Elgeiros and grum are now gone explaining that old Elgeiros has teleported them away.

Alezan Haan walks over and talks to Aiza about how she came to be there and how he came to be there saying that he is part of the mercenary company called the “red blades??” and they were told to act like temple guards. Alezan also told Aiza about her other brother Arethor who is now working for the Marshalls of Crux in the slave trade. Alezan talked about how he took a dark path once he thought Aiza was dead. Aiza said that they will go and find him so that they can be all together again. Cybris overhearing this says that is exactly what he needs to clear up what is going on with the citadel and that he needs alezan to testify for him at the citadel. Alezan said that he will not leave Aiza’s side and will only do what she wants.

Aiza said that we will go to the citadel with Cybris. The group leaves the inn and heads out to the citadel.

The camera angle switches to roalds tavern where we find a scrawny young human and a beefy human in heavy armor having a drink. Suddenly undead start pouring in the door and everyone is fighting everyone is eventually pushed out the back door by the undead.

Switching back the adventures while heading towards the citadel they can see an injured Hava Killfist, jinkle and two others helping them. A undead hoard was coming towards them.

We just help them said Aiza Cybirs commanded his men to form a line. the undead hoard just had gotten to them when the beefy armored one cast a spell that seemed to send the undead into a confusing mess as they tried to run away from him. This allowed them to escape and they all started moving towards the citadel again. Hava and jinkle and the two others also joined the large group.

Cybris stopped the group and said there is a shortcut through the square up ahead but we should make sure that it is clear first.

Xylia and Mardis snuck up to take a look but it was far too dark of Xylia to see much detail only seeing small shadowy figures that looked sketchy. Margo, on the other hand, attempted to climb the side of a building but fell when halfway up.

They reported their failure to Cybris and he sent his own men to take a look after 10 min they came back saying that Cybris needs to see what is going on in the squire.

The whole group went into the building that Mardis tried to climb as the door was unlocked and climbed up to the roof. What they saw was horrific. Orcs piling bodies of children. 3 men in a circle around a book chanting and a large monster with wings?? that was spitting fire onto the pile of the body’s suddenly the 3 men stopped chanting and then the dead children rose up on fire and started running throughout the city setting things on fire.

We need to get the fuck out of this city said the beefy armored human.
Cybris says yes we need to get to the citadel as soon as possible let’s go around this square.

Probing the Inquisition, by Britchard

Whoosh the stone horse appeared
What did you do Britchard!
Nothing I was just playing with this statue!

not knowing what was going on the group all got up and stared at the large stone horse statue that now was in the living room of the manor.
Where did get that smaller statue?
“I was cleaning Grum’s bag for him and I just started playing with the horse, Brichard said.

What else do you have in your bag grum?

Grum took his pack and pulled out a bottle of unknown liquid and some Tarot cards
Mula was like Grum why don’t u drink it and see what it does
Grum Drank the liquid and felt really good about himself.

Mula was like I want to ride it! someone help me up
Grum Grabbed mula and put her on the horse also getting on the horse as well pretending like it was a real horse.

Elgerious piped up saying that it must be something Brichard attuned to and then called it to us and that we would probably need to attune to the bigger statue as well.

Not knowing what else to do the group just kind of stood there while suddenly there was a large knock on the door.

Grum went and opened the door to see who it was and found that Cybris and a group of 12 men who all looked very beaten up were outside.
Crybis move out of the way and let me in!

Xyxla came up and said Cybris what is the password.
We don’t have time for this move aside and let me in!
“not until we get the password”
Fine said cybris “Free Khalis”

Grum moved out of the way and all the men came shuffling into the house.
We have been looking for you Cybris we want your help to deal with these doppelgangers.
“yes i know we have been dealing with them a lot all my men are very tired and I am completely tapped out on healing Spells”
But i have a plan that can help us in the temple of Validoor there is an artifact that the inquisitors use on prisons to get them to tell the truth.
You can either wear it on your head and see the truth or you can put it around someone’s neck and they must tell the truth.

We must get this artifact I can draw a map and you can sneak in and get it. There is a Trial to pick it up and I cannot tell you about it because no one remembers what it is.

The Group spent quite a while discussing the plan and had cybris show us a map of the temple. where the guards would be.

after much discussion it was decided that cybris and 2 of his men would come with the group 2 men to hold open some doors that would be locked from another room and Cybris said that he would be able to get the artifact without taking the Trial.

They group waited a few hours for it to be late in the evening and then took for to the temple.

The group started to move in a smaller group with Xylia mardis and Grum up front using Hand Signals to bring in the less stealthy members once they had dispatched the guards. Mula also turned into a mouse and scouted ahead to see how many guards there were and would come and strach on the door with how many there were

Xylia and Mardis took out the first and second group with no issues they took the 3rd group again with no issues.
The 4th group had 4 members 2 behind bars and 2 up front after surprising them and taking them all out they fell with a very loud clatter and aiza went to check on a door and got surprised when it opened right in front of her with 8 guards.

After 3 rounds of battle, one of the guards shouted for help after the group dispatched them and decided to head down into the inquisition’s the white cells, a prison where magic does not work.

From Britchard's notebook
Group 2 Adventuring in Kalis

After a long day of Turing into a dog, Mula Bandah was getting tired of searching for the red door.
So many smells when your a dog it was a bit overwhelming. She noticed 3 people who looked like adventures. She overheard something about the red door she ran up to them and sniffed them
“OI lets put this mutt of her misery” Said one of them

Poof Mula became the Small Gnome once more “hello I heard you where looking for the red door as well”
Suddenly a monster attacked from the Alley.
It killed off two of the adventurers. and Mula missed with her attack.
Mula noticed 5 people walking by the end of the alley way one Male elf and 4 identical Female elves.
One of these female elves shot the monster with the arrow but not before the monster got a fatal blow on the last of adventurers.
The monster ran off seeming quite wounded by the arrow that one of the Elves shot.

Mula ran to the dying adventurer and poured her healing magic into her but to no avail.
With their last breath the adventurer said you must get out of the City. My uncle (name) use it to get into the red door it is a way out of the city.
And with that, the adventurer died. Mula now blood soaked looted the bodies and followed the group of elves and discovered the red door!
She made her way back to the Relgurd mansion that the group had taken up to be their own.

That night in the dead of night. The man who the group saw in the forest and fought outside of the Doppelgangers home. The man with the stone horse and who can fly. Was floating above Xylia. She awoke with a startle as a box was placed on her chest. The man said “you are causing me a lot of problems.” “we are working for the same person. you must take this group and get them out of the city.” “But first the half orc. He has stolen things that our master wants back. Steal back the Book, Amulet, Potion, and the stone horse statue.” take it to (Name) in the temple of Validoor. Once this is completed get your group out of the city. and to prove that we are not messing around. Look in the box. A finger of a small child. The flying man left and Xylia went back to a fretful sleep.

Xylia first up in the morning woke up and went to the Living room placing the box on the Table waiting for the rest of the group to join her.
Grum Next up felt this strange new power after a strange dream. He had an urge and as grum does he followed them.
Grum Barrled into Elgeiros Room Pointed at him and Yelled “POOOOOOOOOP
Elgerios felt a wave coming over him but was able to shrug it off. Elgeiros clearly confused at what just happened as Grum ran out the door giggling like a school child.

As everyone made their way to the kitchen People noticed that Xylia was not doing anything but looking at the box and they started to inquire.
Aiza made an attempt to reach for the Box but was quickly slapped away by Xylia.
Mardis eventually asked what was going on.

Xylia then started her story. A story about how she was once a Nobel woman in Crux. Who had a husband and a child and they were making their way in the world. Then one of the other nobel houses Killed her husband and kidnapped her child. Forcing her to Kill and whore in order to keep her child safe. She admitted to the shock of all that she had murdered It has been 3 years since she has seen her child. she is tired of following their instructions and wants revenge on them. She then told the group of how she was visited in the night by the flying man. How he told her to take the group out of the city. How she needed to steal from Grum a Book, Amulet, Potion, and the stone horse statue.

Elgeiros peaked up at the word book and he looked at grum and said you have the book now?
Grum rummaged in he dirty backpack and said “ya I use for poop paper u can have was going to give to you when u poop yourself for joke hahaha”
Elgeiros eagerly took the book and noticed it has very similar symbols to what he is used to reading knowing that it was magical.

Xylia continued her story saying that the man wanted them out of the city by the next day. All kind of shocked by this and not sure what to do. The attention then turned to Mula who they had not seen the past day they proceeded to share the stories about the night before Mula and the monster with the group of 5 strange elves.
The rest of the group taking the a job from lord Gilthaniel for 150g each. They explained that they had to go to a park at midnight and just gaurd the elves. But then they were betrayed and had
to fight off a cult who seemed to want an amulet. Cybris showed up after the fight and made everyone tell the truth and that doppelgangers were everywhere.
Cybris said that he doesnt trust our group but we are the only ones he knows are not doppelgangers as they have taken and that Cybris will contact us in a few days to help him.

Xylia decides that she is going to ask (name) in the temple of validoor for more time to steal the items.
The Group goes out to the temple district with Britchard in the lead annoucing to all to make way for Grum the great
Once the group made it to the temple district they found Criers calling for the Arrest of Cybris for 1500 GP.
Xylia attempts to contact (name) only to find that they are unavailable leaves a message asking for more time for the mission.

The group makes their way back to the Relgurd mansion and find a Gnome that they have seen before Alton Goodbarrel makes an impashinate plea to the group to help him save his town from Ogres. Feeling bad but putting the bigger picture of the city in peril over that of a small town the Hero’s say they will help but they must first help the city more. Unknown to all Grum managed to steal Altons Purse after hearing the man had 72gold on him.
Grum offers to pay Alton if he starts cleaning up the Mansion. Alton & Britchard join the group on another outing to see if they could find the red door as it may offer a way out of the city

The group then decieds to see if they can find Cybris. First searching the old Manson that they originally found the dopplegangers in.
Unable to find him and unsure what to do next they then go to the house of Deacon Richard & jennifer cole only to find Jennifer had been murdered on the bed. Their worst fears that Richard was still a doppleganger were confirmed.

The group finally made the way to the Red door which Mula had found last night
They open the red door and are met again by the teifling. They provide the name that Mula received and the Teifling confirms that they are allowed in.
The Teifling provides a menu of services provided by the red door.
Information / Stealing / assassination / Chamber of endless flesh / Food and Drink / teleportation out of the city.

After much debate the group desides to pay 500G for the information of where Cybris is. As he is the only one who seems to be trying to help the city. The Teifling said that it would take 24 hours and to come back.

Grum decided to send Britchard back to the mansion and partake himself in the Chamber of endless Flesh.
Alton Goodbarrel wanted the group to leave the city but since he did not have 500G to pay for it he was stuck in the city still.

The Group returned back to the mansion and a few hours later covered in some unknown Goo Grum also returned.
The group Convered in the living room for the evening and talked about their options. Brichard was cleaning grum backpack and noticed the Stone horse took it out and started playing with it and with a flash of Light the stone statue that they had seen the flying man use was in the house.

Dryadalis Libertas
Group 3, EP 2, Welcome Enna

After a night of well needed rest the group of unlikely heroes decide to accompany the caravan march, but not before sitting down to a full continental breakfast featuring, not surprisingly, an assortment of ham and bacon given to them by the innkeeper as thanks. The team agrees to a fee of one gold per day with “room” and board, and acquires any necessary supplies before taking off. As they leave the city the festivities seem to be picking up as the town prepares to celebrate the festival of light, a Christmas-like tradition in which towns-folk wait till the eve to bring a lit candle to their would-be beloved and if accepted the candle stays lit celebrating their love with dance and jolly.

As the long trek north begins, it becomes obvious that the majority of the caravaneers are unhappy about the slavers trailing at the tail end of the caravan, but before talking to the troupe’s leader, Carl Buckins, the group comes across a lone elf traveling by horse waiting in the road. Mr.Buckins greeted the huntress as Enna, welcoming her back from her business to the troupe. Rio quickly takes note of her “qualities,” while Sol keeps a silent observance as she asks about the slavers trailing the tale end of the troupe. Sol bites his tongue as he holds back his anger, but it doesn’t take long before he asks the slaver’s leader, a tall, red-scaled dragonborn, about the chained elven slaves surrounded by his group of guards. Harsh words are spoken in draconic, leaving the rest of the group only in wonder as to what was said, despite the brief conversation had, Sol manages to keep his cool despite being unhappy about the treatment of such people in plight, regardless of it’s legality. As a paladin, his duty comes first and foremost to upholding the law, weather or not he agreed with it. Enna too seemed displeased, and asked the tall knight about the conversation had, gaining very little from him that helped, eventually leading to her taking time to feed and talk to the slaves directly once night fell. Keeping a close distance, Sol watched over the interaction, while Dusty and Rio got up to their normal mischief and Vanessa spent her time absorbing as much information as she could from the local caravan’s alchemist.

Trouble began to brew when the lead the dragonborn, Draxan brought his prized half-elf to the campfires, chained and reluctant to obey. Her captor sought it fit to try and have a bit of fun, prompting Dusty to take it upon himself to play along as offer to rent her for her “services.” Unawares to her, the half-elf slave put up a great fight, eventually realizing what was going on when the first of her shackles came “miraculously” free, but all the fight she had put up screaming and kicking attracted the rest of the party to the seen. Sol was the first to argue against what was happening, providing the perfect distraction, but unfortunately leading Enna to take matters into her own hands as she saw one of her own kind shoved underneath the slave wagon to be raped. Not knowing our group of unlikely heroes, she took aim and shot one of the guards, which lead to Sol unleashing his sword on the two in front of him. It wasn’t long before the rest of the group closed the distance, attempting to aid their allies as Dusty convinced the slave girl to play along as he quickly freed her form the rest of her constraints. While the group engaged the guards, Dusty and the half-elf woman made their escape into the night, but combat was cut short as Draxan angrily called for a halt to the violence and called Mr.Buckins to the scene where one of his slave-catchers lay dead. The team bitterly ceased their quarrel with the prospect that they might lose their contract with the troupe, Mr.Buckins agreed to take on the loss of pay for the team’s actions. After some brief words everyone dispersed, and the dragonborn finally realized his prized half-elf slave had managed to escape. Fortunately, Dusty had managed to lead their pursuers on a wild goose chase, giving the girl what money he had and directing her back to Eastbridge as he covered their tracks and injured himself to deceive the slavers into believing she managed to escape on her own.

That night while everyone slept, Vanessa’s dreams took on a sinister tone. She dreamed about an eerie, red-eyed crow pecking at her face as a cloaked figure warned her about something called a “noctus,” its warnings implying that she must kill it or be killed. The figure seemed vaguely familiar, as if it was the same presence that saved her so long ago.

But it wasn’t until the following day that Enna spotted a grisly seen of dead bodies in an overturned cart ahead on the road, and Vanessa was certain of their reality. Upon closer inspection, it became obvious that this was no mere accident; the bodies lay strewn on the ground with ritualistic markings drawn in their own blood and dismembered limbs. Even the horse lay dead in front of the cart. As the party drew closer, a chill ran down Vanessa’s spine as she spotted two red eyes among a murder of crows pecking and flocking over the carnage. She suddenly recognized the markings as something she had seen from the same cult that she had escaped from. Relaying what she knew about cult activities, she informed the group that this was no work of one person alone and that her dreams had warned her about this the night prior. As the crows leapt into the air to flee as they drew closer, Dusty was the first to try and take down the red-eyed crow as Vanessa tried to command the bird to fall. As her spell faltered, it was obvious that the bird was able to understand her, but it was Dusty’s arrow that brought it to the ground. Before she could make sure the crow was dead for good, the birds’ corpse disappeared, making Vanessa all the more worried.

After setting the cart afire to cover up the scene, the group returned to the caravan, only to spot three stone creatures coming directly for their troupe. As the constructs drew closer, they quickly had to decide whether or not they would engage, as the three stone constructs carried a ruined stone above their heads, not stopping as they came down the path. The caravan eventually decided to move aside and let them pass, the group doubting their ability to stop such creatures. After trailing them a safe distance away from the caravan, the team eventually returned to the caravan, leaving them feeling at a loss as to whether or not they made the right decision to let them go.

That night Vanessa wasn’t the only one to find sleep uneasy, her dream’s warning and the day’s encounter adding to her doubt that encountering the same cult she had fled yet again was anything but coincidence.

Cards, a dead pig, and a kidnapping
Group 3's First Game!

Our unlikely heroes find themselves at a card table in an inn in the town of East Bridge, a River-side community separated from its sister, West Bridge, by an ancient span of white stone. Riardon, Sol, Vanessa, and Dusty each find themselves pitted against each other in a casual card game accompanied also by two elves who identify themselves as Lura and Saerin from Wyrmwood. What started as an easy going game quickly turned into a no-holds-bar poker game, the prize being whatever money was inside the pot and the deciding rites to a unified decision on which contract the inn had to offer. Celin’s comical nature did nothing to dissuade the tension as 3 members of our unlikely crew were quickly caught cheating, resulting in both Celin and his sister Luna promptly leaving the table with whatever money he could get his hands on in a fluster. To make matters worse, the town’s polarized neighbor, West Bridge, decided it would be a fun prank to release pigs into the inn, which, of course, ran for the group’s table. Riardon, Dusty and Vanessa attempted to wrangle the little piglets, while much to their dismay, Sol decided it was better to slaughter to mother pig in its tracks. The poor farmer, whose pigs had been released against his wishes into the inn, was in a panic, sobbing over the loss of his pig. After the townsmen removed the carcass, despite Sol’s wishes to butcher it on the spot, the inn managed to quiet down. Vanessa had a few words with Riardon, holding him responsible for his friend’s bizarre actions and the group separated to find out about the possible contracts.

While Riardon worked his charm on a flirtatious caravan woman, Vanessa too used her charm to get any rumors from a young half-elf lady at the bar. Riardon managed to get information about a possible guard accompaniment for the caravan troupe while Vanessa was lamented about rumors of West Bridge beer turning a man sterile, frogmen cults in the wood and a possible contract for goblin ears from the forest. But while some of the group managed to get useful information, Sol decided to pick a fight with the elf that stole from them, accusing them of cheating. After a brief tussle which resulted in the elf being pushed to the floor, Sol was approached not just by one woman, whom he swatted away, but again by a seductive tiefling woman, wooed by his aggressive charm. The two made their way upstairs while Dusty used the commotion to steal and pick pockets. And though as much as Vanessa would have liked to continue consorting with the barmaid, she found herself babysitting her companion, Dusty, pulling him from the betting tables before he made matters worse with his drinking. Rairdon too found his night disappointing, having to trance on the bench outdoor his room with Sol.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful until early morning when Vanessa woke to creaking sounds outside her room. Sneaking to the door, she inadvertently blew her cover, as she came eye to eye with one of the men making their way down the hall. Quickly taking cover, she awoke her companion Dusty and prepared for battle. As combat started, Rairdon quickly awoke and joined the fray, banging on the wall of Sol’s room. Clothed in their sleeping garments, and Sol butt naked, the group ended up managing to chase the group outside, with Dusty hot on their tales stealthing out the window. While Vanessa frantically grabbed her things, Sol booked it down the stairs with nothing but his bastard sword in hand. By the time they reached outside, Dusty lay badly wounded on the ground. Vanessa rushed to his side while Sol and Riardon ran after the assailants who had managed to capture and use the caravan woman as a shield. Yelling for help, Vanessa desperately tried to revive her companion, having to rely on her dark powers to abate him dying. With the Innkeeper’s help she brought him inside while Sol and Riardon managed to finish the kidnappers off and return the caravan woman back to the inn.

Once Upon a Sewer Part III
Group 1 runs into more underground trouble.

Work In Progress

Festival of the Light Part II
Group 2's adventures continue

[Work In Progress]

Festival of the Light Part II
Group 2's adventures continue

[Work In Progress]

The Master
Unbeknownst to Group 2, somewhere distant...

Amongst snowy grey peaks, concluding a winding trail a black stone tower stood. In stark contrast to the snow surrounding it, the Master’s sanctum refused the touch of ice which melted instantly on contact with the warm stone.

Inside, a chamber with shutters closed similarly repelled the cold. Like a container of darkness, the only source of illumination was a crystal sphere atop an wrought-iron stand.

A heavy wooden door burst open as an angry mage angrily strode into the room. Blood dripped from his soaking robes, smearing across the floor.. The Master had come home. He snapped his fingers and a half dozen lights blinked into existence atop magical sconces spaced evenly around the room.

He opened a large oaken armoire. His body was weakened, but his will was as intense as ever. He reached in and downed three healing potions in rapid succession. He sucked in a breath without pain finally and his shaking hands steadied. He grasped a staff from the armoire, a long shaft of black rune inscribed wood, topped by a glass sphere. The Blue iris of the eyeball inside the sphere widened as it regarded him. The master’s empty hand unconsciously reached half way up to the eye patch on his face as his remaining eye looked back.

The Master gestured and four pair of windows shutters slammed open, icy air rushing into the room. The ancient elf sucked in the invigorating air. He cast another spell and the blood disappeared from his robes. The one-eyed elf walked over to the scrying orb. He whispered words he knew very well and placed a hand on either side of the sphere. As he concentrated upon it, his visage grew even darker as a cold rage filled him. His vision beheld ruined cities on fire, bodies strewn in the streets. All races, all peoples he saw as he moved his far sight about. Tears traced down his face silently as he gazed upon those he loved most dearly.

“I know what I must do,” he muttered in elvish.

He moved away from the sphere, clutching the staff tightly. Despite his anger and despair, he pushed that aside with well practiced skill. His mind blanked instantly as he prepared to draw upon his deepest reserves of power to summon his most powerful spell. Then he filled his mind with the complicated spell pattern he had not often used. Geometric patterns of runes filled his powerful mind causing energy from outside his body to coalesce itself within his mind. He shaped the energy as an exercise of pure will forcing the tremendous amount of reality-altering energy to bend to his will. All of this done in nearly an instant.

Then the Master cast Wish.

Festival of Light Part I
Group 2 in the City of Kalis

The troupe of adventurers and their companion Galina, travelled the road South to the city of Kalis.

After two days walking they reached the open western gate of the high-walled city. With a population of over 30,000 people, this was quite a site. Mula’s stomach began to knot as they passed through the gate, her senses overwhelmed by sight, sound and smell, even in this relatively well ordered human construction.

Galina told the group they would be welcome at her family’s home. This turned out to be a large city estate. A mansion in the center of a well groomed grassy lawn and beds of flowers or sculpted shrubbery is protected by a wall and a large iron gate.

They met James the butler and were shown to rooms on the second floor. The group decided to go out that afternoon and collect the bounty on their collection of goblin and orc ears, keeping their gear with them.

Mula seemed to become quite overwhelmed by being in the city. The smells and sounds freaked her out a bit and she left the group for a time to collect herself.

The group wandered through the city until they located a bounty office run by the city. As they did so, they encountered a quiet tiefling man, who just dropped off a large sack of ears similar to what they were seeking to cash in on.

The officious, thin lipped man behind the counter adjusted the bounty value down like a stock price after the tiefling dropped off the ear. At the incredulous looks of the party, he just said that “The Hunter” had filled the quota the city had set and their ears were not as valuable now.

After claiming their money, the group was eager to spend it and relax. Aiza, still thinking about having to leave Boots behind just said, “I want a drink.”

The group wandered around until they found The Frothy Mug tavern and settled down to a large round table. The place was quite lively with a fat obsequious inn keeper named Fargus smiling at them when they flashed their new found gold.

The party started downing drinks, a silence settling over them. Grum walked over to the bar after he noticed a rather attractive half orc lady was bar-tending. Grum learned her name was Hava and started flirting with her in an unexpectedly successful manner.

The group met an entertaining server, a small gnome named Jinkle who caries around a step ladder between table so that he can reach the top and distribute drinks. He chats up the party and asks about them as he walks across the table to present the group their drinks.

The party noticed that the tiefling they saw earlier was in the same tavern and he sent over a nice bottle of elven wine to their table. He raised a glass to them after they got it as he sat alone at his table.

Xylia walked over to the Hunter’s table. She bantered with him a bit to suss him out before he insulted her, sending the rogue angrily back to her party’s table.

The group continued to drink as an emboldened Grum continued to make friends with Hava. At a near-by table, another group of rowdy adventurers was enjoying their evening. Grum was getting quite smashed and a depressed Aiza was starting to feel relaxed as was Mardis.

Elgeiros began to give Jinkle a hard time, and the gnome in the near-by group took offense. Hyjinx ensued as pranks between the tables ensued.

Some members of the group participate in dart throwing or arm wrestling. Xylia makes an excuse to visit the powder room and is not seen again in the bar that night.

A drunk arm wrestler gets rough with Jinkle and hurts him. Hava kicks him out as the party watches on.

Eventually the other table of adventurers heads out and Elgeiros uses his magic to harrass the gnome in the party.

Elgeiros gets in a confrontation with the party and with Hava who expels him from the tavern. The rest of the group goes with him.

As they are making their way back toward the mansion where they are being put up, a figure emerges from the shadows and attacks the group with amazing speed. Aiza goes down, falling unconcious from a deliberate pommel blow to he temple. The tiefling, whom the group realizes is “The Hunter”, must have followed them from the bar, deliberately did not use a lethal strike on Aiza.

The Hunter miscalculated the group’s strength however as he is quickly over matched by the four remaining party members, including blasts of fire from Elgeiros which took him down.

As the red-skinned tiefling’s body remained on the ground bleeding out, the group drags him to a near by alley and force-feeds him a healing potion. He awakens to their questioning, but not recognizing the group’s lethal intent refuses to answer them, once more underestimating them. Elgeiros stabs the man in frustration, knocking him out and spilling his blood onto the alley. Some how Elgeiros’ blow did not kill him outright and the tough tiefling continued to draw unconcious breath. Elgeiros nods slightly at Grum who stomped on his chest until he stopped breathing.

After completing their looting of the body which included some money and weapons, they headed back to the Mansion.

Xylia meets them there explaining that she felt sick and went home.

Grum drags Aiza over to a bed and everyone sleeps off their alcohol and recovers from their wounds for the morning.

No one notices that their host is not to be found.


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