Character Creation Update Guidelines for Dec 2015

Hi All,

As we are sort of resetting the campaign going into december with most of the group players changed over, I’d like to continue with the few remaining characters of the original game and advance them to level 5.

And new characters starting the game will be starting at level 5

So advance characters per normal rules.

New Characters – please design using normal rules, using the point-buy attribute system

Hit points are maximum for first level per normal rules and my house rule is everyone may (in my presence) roll their hit points for each successive level. Results below the normal advancement hit points (HD/2+1) are disregarded – so it is always an advantage to try for higher hitpoints.

Also with regard to equipment. Existing characters may keep what they have on their current character sheets, and new characters may use the normal rules for starting equipment.

In addition to that, each character may have 500 GP or equivalent equipment purchased from the Players Handbook.

In addition to that, Players may select one +1 Weapon OR +1 Armor OR +1 Shield. (A favored weapon or armor can be made +1 if desired instead). Alternatively – if you prefer you can have an “Uncommon” level rarity magic item that is subject to GM approval (IE run it past me).

So that’s it, create / level up to 5, Get some extra money / gear and a magic item or upgrade a non-magic item as stated above.

Thanks All, See you on Dec 19th!

Character Creation Update Guidelines for Dec 2015

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