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Ley Lines and Spell Casting
While standing inside a ley line, the energy casters use to cast spells above level 0 is replenished by the ley energy. A spell caster may cast a spell using up to a level 1 spell slot without expending a spell slot (as long as they can normally use a spell slot of that level).

In a ley line nexus, this effect is magnified. For every additional ley line at that crossing point, the level is increased by 1. So at a 2-Line crossing, the effect would apply up to a level 2 slot. At a 9 ley line intersection, the slot level would be increased to 9 (the maximum).

[Clarification: you can expend higher level slots for lower level spells (the restrictions contingent on what your current available spell level slots you can use and the amount of ley energy where you are (IE in a nexus or just within a ley line). This makes spell casting within a ley line or ley nexus extremely powerful.]

Ley Lines and Healing
When expending a hit dice to heal while resting in a ley line for the entire duration of the rest period, the character may add his or her proficiency bonus to the amount healed.

In a ley line nexus, this effect is magnified as well. For every additional ley line at the nexus, the effect is multiplied. (IE Proficiency bonus of say 3 at a 2 line intersection increases heal checks by 6 points).

Lingering Injuries

I will be invoking the Lingering Injuries rules for some combats. I will most likely be telling you at the start of said combat that the rules are in play.

You might see a lingering injury appear at Dungeon Master discretion and / or in any of these circumstances:
– When character takes a critical hit
– When character hit points drop to 0
– When a character fails a death saving throw by 5 or more

The effects can range from a minor scar to a Limp to a lost limb or eye. Typically, powerful magical healing can address such injuries.

Hit Points and Leveling Up

Per normal rules, 1st level characters will begin with maximum hit points for their Hit Dice (IE a class with a d8 Hit Die, starts with 8 hit points, plus any applicable CON modifier).

The custom rule is that on Level-Up each character may roll their hit die to see how many hit points are gained, where the minimum points gained will be the normal flat amount (Half Maximum +1, IE d8 would gain a flat 5 per level (not including CON modifier)). The normal minimum by the rules would be a 1 (IE whatever you rolled).

Example: 3 Characters level up:

Sorcerer (d6 Hit Die) – Rolls, gets a 4. Hit Points increase by 4
Rogue (d8 Hit Die) – Rolls a 7. Hit Points increase by 7
Barbarian (d12 Hit Die) – Rolls a 2. Hit Points increase by 7

Remember – the minimum for the roll is the same as the standard flat level up ( Hit Dice / 2 +1, IE d8 is 5).

(The above has not factored in modifiers including CON bonus or penalty, and or any other feat or class bonuses, such as the Dragon Sorcerer’s +1 Hit Point per level etc.)

Effectively this grants players a chance to get extra hit points without punishing them for trying and rolling bad.

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Revised Ranger

Going forward we will be using the rules for the Revised Ranger. See link below.


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House Rules

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