The Order of the White Hand (Aka the Grim Legion)
Symbol: A white hand, thumb and fingers pointed up with a blue eye on the palm on a field of dark blue.

The order was founded at the end of what came to be known as the first Necromancer War.

The shattered remains of several armies swore vengeance against the necromancers and developed techniques for fighting the undead more effectively, including methodology to behead the bodies of slain allies to prevent their rising as undead warriors on the necromancer’s side.

The Order became a rallying factor in the first Necromancer War and turned the tide against evil armies. The order was a very significant factor in subsequent Necromancer wars.

In current times, Castle White is the center of the organization which stands outside nations, yet allies with nations. Most countries send troops to Castle White for training and contribute soldier-volunteers to the Order, however the peace time military might of the Grim Legion is minimal.


The Order can call upon allied nations however in order to marshal armies should the need arise. It is typical for the Order to send out highly trained Knights, Clerics and Paladins into the world to search for any Necromancer activity and generally remain vigilant against evil.

In addition there are places in the world scarred by black magic where undead may be found and the Order tries to keep them under control or at least confined to these deadly places.

The Sentinels

The mageocracy of Arcaumat faced down the necromancers spawned from their own ranks in larger part due to the creation of the Sentinels.

Sentinels are a collective of mages with great skill enchanting objects, specifically with the creation of Gollems.

Ironically inspired by necromancers who had created the first flesh golems, this group was able to apply similar theories to create a new breed of golems: clay, stone and even iron golems.


The golems were very difficult and painstaking to produce but the enchanters of the sentinels constantly experimented and revised their formulas and craft skills until they were able to produce golems on a more massive level.

Even so their cost was prohibitive, rather than fashioning armies of golems as they originally hoped to replace soldiers, they were none the less able to create extremely tough shock troops, completely under their creators control.

Largely immune to the life draining powers of the undead, they literally waded through skeletons and zombies and even more powerful undead to assist in the crushing of the necromancer forces.

Today, the sentinels still work and experiment and create. Their creations bolster their armed forces and defend their towns and cities. It is not uncommon for a patrol of guards to contain a war-battered clay golem as part of their deployment.

Should the necromancers arise again, the sentinels would be again at the forefront of the forces of Arcanumat.


Acquisitions Incorporated

A company formed by now legendary entrepreneurial team of adventurers (Jim Darkmagic, Omin Dran and Binwin Bronzebottom).

Having raided many ancient tombs and ruins in their youth, the threesome and their latest intern typically contract out adventurers to seek out treasure hordes on their behalf, taking a cut of the loot in exchange for location information and resources provided by their corporation.

The Black Hand Guild

The Black Hand Guild is a cesspool of thieves and assassins working together under a secret leadership. The leaders of the guild do not go by names, but are known by their titles, Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Pinky. There are many chapters each with their own leadership. All are subject to the ultimate later that controls each hand, the shadowy figure known simply as the Head.


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