Welcome to the World of Omphalos

This ancient world can be thought of as a flat disk sitting upon a great primordial stone prison whose occupants have long been forgotten.

The edge of the world is an icy wasteland. The center of the disk is a volcanic isle inhabited by foul creatures. Several giant continents are separated by vast seas. Great Dragons and Elder Titans sleep…. mostly.

Deep beneath the surface of the world beings aged and evil beyond measure remain imprisoned by the Omphalos itself. Forgotten by most they plot and plan their inevitable escape, for time is meaningless to beings such as these.

The Gods move mortals about in a divine game of Jenga. How long can they keep the world from failing? Only they know.

Omphalos is an Epic fantasy setting where skills with sorcery and deadly martial combat can earn fame and fortune or lead to death… and worse.

World of Omphalos

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