World of Omphalos

City on Fire

Alezan and Aiza's tale

The Templars and heroes stared in stunned awe as the necromancer’s ritual completed.

A pile of flaming charred children shuddered into un-life in the center of the market square.

Running and screaming and on fire, the undead – hundreds of them animated all at once, began to pour outward from the corpse pile.

Smoke then fire erupting on flammable materials near these fiery creatures at merely their approach, the group realized that they were about to be burned alive.

“Aiza, I won’t lose you again,” exclaimed Alezan, " this way!" he said as he grabbed her shoulder armor and tugged her to the roofs edge.

They began to scramble down the outside of the building, falling the last 15 feet to the ground before getting to their feet and hustling away from the approaching horde.

The rest of Boots, deciding to remain with the group hastened to help the armored templars down from the roof and through the building.

Aiza and Alezan were immediately separated from the rest of the group fleeing into an near by alley way in their attempt to get away from the horde of flaming monstrosities.

Alezan determined not to let the flaming horrors over take him or his sister, lead the way through the alleys to another nearby steet. There were so many of the burning things, that all the near by streets were filling with the flailing screaming wales as buildings and people alike were spontaneously combusting.

They could feel the heat of their armored backs reaching uncomfortable levels and their clothes and packs beginning to singe and smoke before Aiza spotted an iron man-hole cover. Pulling Alezan with her this time, she yelled, “Open this!” and she and her brother heaved the cover aside. Three screaming undead turned in their direction and Aiza’s hair was starting to smoke as they jumped down into the filthy tunnel bellow.

Plunging into blessed cool darkness they found themselves in the midst of a disgusting bog foul smelling muck. Two of the three undead running toward them fell into the hole behind them and directly into the muck.

The flames immediately extinguished and the false life animating what was left of the children’s bodies left them unmoving.

The siblings climbed out of the muck onto a stone pathway, helpless to aid those in the city above burning alive. The screams of the dying citizens above echoed down faintly into the sewers.

Gasping for breath, but glad to be alive, they sat with their backs against the tunnel wall, not bothering to whisk the muck from themselves yet.

Alezan turned to Aiza, “Well fuck Jolo in the ass with a sharp stick,” he panted.
“We’re alive Aiz.”

Aiza nodded, and realized what she was covered in for the first time.

Alezan continued,“Nine Hells, this city is fucked. We should get the fuck out of here and go find Arethor. I bet if he saw you, we could get him out of that dark rut he’s in. This city is ashes, your friends should have followed us, but fuck me if they aren’t dead by now.”

“What do you say Aiz? We can find a way out of here together, put our family back together. Maybe we can start up our own company, or fuck I don’t know open our own tavern somewhere?”

Aiza paused as Alezan’s words sunk in.

Then she answered.



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