World of Omphalos

Shrine of Hero's

Feb 27th 2018

Boots has leveled up to LVL 5 while sleeping they have some disturbing dreams

Deep in the ground white stone
Wandering around. Find a door.
Cannot get away from door
Spheres of darkness’s merging

Dream of ppl killed.
Fighting with skull handle dagger
Feel like your being watched
The dagger is missing when you go to use it

Blackwater going towards his island
A city by the coast is where the black water is coming from

Running away from a baguette

During breakfast, we did catch up Reggie and Thor found out about what has been going on.
Reggie casted detect magic and found that the team has some magical items.
Found magic potions that Mula and Xylia has
Found that the skull dagger is magical

Cybris meet us at breakfast and answered a few questions
Army is trying to be contacted
The white hand is very far away and cannot help us right now they will be contacted
Same with the Wizards of the wizard city the danger is here and now and we need to deal with it

Cybris lead us up to a viewpoint from the citadel
Aiza is back brother has left to go find their brother and set him right

About a quarter of the city has burned down
City is besieged by orcs and undead
The orcs are attacking the temples and the undead cannot enter the holy ground.

There’s one person with a burning sword who is killing shit loads of orcs (probably holy relic)

Lots of townspeople huddled in the arena for safety

Cybris will be leading men to counter the orcs and needs us to follow the leaders of the city before they can complete their mission.

Charles Henry elder of the council
From the church of Emrin
Godfrey is from Amara

Father densley is apart of Hall he cast heal on us when we were running through the city away from burning children
Followed the leaders of the necromancer

The leaders went to a shrine on the other side of the city and opened the shrine and went underground
It is the Shrine of heroes who founded the city.
Winged monster is a fiend unsure of what it is exactly

Counsel members cast aid on us giving us more maximum hit points for 8 hours

The council leaders also said that they believe that the necromancers ritual will take about 8 hours as well and we need to hurry.

Family we saved came up to us to thank us for saving them from the burning undead

Sara is wife
Beth and Jonathan
Agatha the baby

Brichard and Alton come up to us and tell us they are going to attempt to leave the city

Thor lead us through the city with help from Reggie disguised as an Orc
Made it through the city with no issues

Tied a rope to a temple and Reggie went down first as he was disguised as an Orc
He was attacked immediately by undead monsters.

The group managed to kill the undead without major damage except for Reggie as he took many hits from the first round.

After the ghosts where dispatched the group took a moment to look around and found 4 doors

One door was broken in the other 3 had etchings on them

(picture) Dagger dice and cup
(Words) Fuck off

(picture) Hourglass and scythe
(Words) Time will tell

(picture) 2 crossed swords
(Words) Man can be measured by the strength of his arm and the company he keeps



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