World of Omphalos

The Future returns - by Britchard

At the rundown inn, the group takes a short breather.

Knock Knock Knock someone is at the Door Cybris opens the door and its Elgerious but much older and with one eye.

“Elgerious and Grum you must come with me.”
Prove to us who you are said Young Elgeiros.

Old Elgeiros casts a spell and everything but the group stops.

LUJOR said old Elgeiros and Young Elgeriouses staff shot to the and of old Elgerious.
I have much to teach you Young Elgeiros come with me and bring Grum.

Why I come with you Says grum.
Young Elgeiros he has many axes.
OhHHH i like ax says grum.

Grum goes out and Old Elgeiros has a pitch dark circle in front of him.
Beside him in a chest out floats a shiny silver ax.
Grum this is your ax said old Elgeiros. and the ax is thrown into the darkness.
Grum without hesitation also jumps in.
Believe me, its just easier this way says old Elgerious.
Young Elgeiros walks over to old Elgeiros and they disappear.

Time then unfreezes and Cybris goes what just happened. Also shocked Xylia, Azia and Margo reply that they have no idea and that Elgeiros and grum are now gone explaining that old Elgeiros has teleported them away.

Alezan Haan walks over and talks to Aiza about how she came to be there and how he came to be there saying that he is part of the mercenary company called the “red blades??” and they were told to act like temple guards. Alezan also told Aiza about her other brother Arethor who is now working for the Marshalls of Crux in the slave trade. Alezan talked about how he took a dark path once he thought Aiza was dead. Aiza said that they will go and find him so that they can be all together again. Cybris overhearing this says that is exactly what he needs to clear up what is going on with the citadel and that he needs alezan to testify for him at the citadel. Alezan said that he will not leave Aiza’s side and will only do what she wants.

Aiza said that we will go to the citadel with Cybris. The group leaves the inn and heads out to the citadel.

The camera angle switches to roalds tavern where we find a scrawny young human and a beefy human in heavy armor having a drink. Suddenly undead start pouring in the door and everyone is fighting everyone is eventually pushed out the back door by the undead.

Switching back the adventures while heading towards the citadel they can see an injured Hava Killfist, jinkle and two others helping them. A undead hoard was coming towards them.

We just help them said Aiza Cybirs commanded his men to form a line. the undead hoard just had gotten to them when the beefy armored one cast a spell that seemed to send the undead into a confusing mess as they tried to run away from him. This allowed them to escape and they all started moving towards the citadel again. Hava and jinkle and the two others also joined the large group.

Cybris stopped the group and said there is a shortcut through the square up ahead but we should make sure that it is clear first.

Xylia and Mardis snuck up to take a look but it was far too dark of Xylia to see much detail only seeing small shadowy figures that looked sketchy. Margo, on the other hand, attempted to climb the side of a building but fell when halfway up.

They reported their failure to Cybris and he sent his own men to take a look after 10 min they came back saying that Cybris needs to see what is going on in the squire.

The whole group went into the building that Mardis tried to climb as the door was unlocked and climbed up to the roof. What they saw was horrific. Orcs piling bodies of children. 3 men in a circle around a book chanting and a large monster with wings?? that was spitting fire onto the pile of the body’s suddenly the 3 men stopped chanting and then the dead children rose up on fire and started running throughout the city setting things on fire.

We need to get the fuck out of this city said the beefy armored human.
Cybris says yes we need to get to the citadel as soon as possible let’s go around this square.



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