World of Omphalos

Probing the Inquisition, by Britchard

Whoosh the stone horse appeared
What did you do Britchard!
Nothing I was just playing with this statue!

not knowing what was going on the group all got up and stared at the large stone horse statue that now was in the living room of the manor.
Where did get that smaller statue?
“I was cleaning Grum’s bag for him and I just started playing with the horse, Brichard said.

What else do you have in your bag grum?

Grum took his pack and pulled out a bottle of unknown liquid and some Tarot cards
Mula was like Grum why don’t u drink it and see what it does
Grum Drank the liquid and felt really good about himself.

Mula was like I want to ride it! someone help me up
Grum Grabbed mula and put her on the horse also getting on the horse as well pretending like it was a real horse.

Elgerious piped up saying that it must be something Brichard attuned to and then called it to us and that we would probably need to attune to the bigger statue as well.

Not knowing what else to do the group just kind of stood there while suddenly there was a large knock on the door.

Grum went and opened the door to see who it was and found that Cybris and a group of 12 men who all looked very beaten up were outside.
Crybis move out of the way and let me in!

Xyxla came up and said Cybris what is the password.
We don’t have time for this move aside and let me in!
“not until we get the password”
Fine said cybris “Free Khalis”

Grum moved out of the way and all the men came shuffling into the house.
We have been looking for you Cybris we want your help to deal with these doppelgangers.
“yes i know we have been dealing with them a lot all my men are very tired and I am completely tapped out on healing Spells”
But i have a plan that can help us in the temple of Validoor there is an artifact that the inquisitors use on prisons to get them to tell the truth.
You can either wear it on your head and see the truth or you can put it around someone’s neck and they must tell the truth.

We must get this artifact I can draw a map and you can sneak in and get it. There is a Trial to pick it up and I cannot tell you about it because no one remembers what it is.

The Group spent quite a while discussing the plan and had cybris show us a map of the temple. where the guards would be.

after much discussion it was decided that cybris and 2 of his men would come with the group 2 men to hold open some doors that would be locked from another room and Cybris said that he would be able to get the artifact without taking the Trial.

They group waited a few hours for it to be late in the evening and then took for to the temple.

The group started to move in a smaller group with Xylia mardis and Grum up front using Hand Signals to bring in the less stealthy members once they had dispatched the guards. Mula also turned into a mouse and scouted ahead to see how many guards there were and would come and strach on the door with how many there were

Xylia and Mardis took out the first and second group with no issues they took the 3rd group again with no issues.
The 4th group had 4 members 2 behind bars and 2 up front after surprising them and taking them all out they fell with a very loud clatter and aiza went to check on a door and got surprised when it opened right in front of her with 8 guards.

After 3 rounds of battle, one of the guards shouted for help after the group dispatched them and decided to head down into the inquisition’s the white cells, a prison where magic does not work.



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