World of Omphalos

From Britchard's notebook

Group 2 Adventuring in Kalis

After a long day of Turing into a dog, Mula Bandah was getting tired of searching for the red door.
So many smells when your a dog it was a bit overwhelming. She noticed 3 people who looked like adventures. She overheard something about the red door she ran up to them and sniffed them
“OI lets put this mutt of her misery” Said one of them

Poof Mula became the Small Gnome once more “hello I heard you where looking for the red door as well”
Suddenly a monster attacked from the Alley.
It killed off two of the adventurers. and Mula missed with her attack.
Mula noticed 5 people walking by the end of the alley way one Male elf and 4 identical Female elves.
One of these female elves shot the monster with the arrow but not before the monster got a fatal blow on the last of adventurers.
The monster ran off seeming quite wounded by the arrow that one of the Elves shot.

Mula ran to the dying adventurer and poured her healing magic into her but to no avail.
With their last breath the adventurer said you must get out of the City. My uncle (name) use it to get into the red door it is a way out of the city.
And with that, the adventurer died. Mula now blood soaked looted the bodies and followed the group of elves and discovered the red door!
She made her way back to the Relgurd mansion that the group had taken up to be their own.

That night in the dead of night. The man who the group saw in the forest and fought outside of the Doppelgangers home. The man with the stone horse and who can fly. Was floating above Xylia. She awoke with a startle as a box was placed on her chest. The man said “you are causing me a lot of problems.” “we are working for the same person. you must take this group and get them out of the city.” “But first the half orc. He has stolen things that our master wants back. Steal back the Book, Amulet, Potion, and the stone horse statue.” take it to (Name) in the temple of Validoor. Once this is completed get your group out of the city. and to prove that we are not messing around. Look in the box. A finger of a small child. The flying man left and Xylia went back to a fretful sleep.

Xylia first up in the morning woke up and went to the Living room placing the box on the Table waiting for the rest of the group to join her.
Grum Next up felt this strange new power after a strange dream. He had an urge and as grum does he followed them.
Grum Barrled into Elgeiros Room Pointed at him and Yelled “POOOOOOOOOP
Elgerios felt a wave coming over him but was able to shrug it off. Elgeiros clearly confused at what just happened as Grum ran out the door giggling like a school child.

As everyone made their way to the kitchen People noticed that Xylia was not doing anything but looking at the box and they started to inquire.
Aiza made an attempt to reach for the Box but was quickly slapped away by Xylia.
Mardis eventually asked what was going on.

Xylia then started her story. A story about how she was once a Nobel woman in Crux. Who had a husband and a child and they were making their way in the world. Then one of the other nobel houses Killed her husband and kidnapped her child. Forcing her to Kill and whore in order to keep her child safe. She admitted to the shock of all that she had murdered It has been 3 years since she has seen her child. she is tired of following their instructions and wants revenge on them. She then told the group of how she was visited in the night by the flying man. How he told her to take the group out of the city. How she needed to steal from Grum a Book, Amulet, Potion, and the stone horse statue.

Elgeiros peaked up at the word book and he looked at grum and said you have the book now?
Grum rummaged in he dirty backpack and said “ya I use for poop paper u can have was going to give to you when u poop yourself for joke hahaha”
Elgeiros eagerly took the book and noticed it has very similar symbols to what he is used to reading knowing that it was magical.

Xylia continued her story saying that the man wanted them out of the city by the next day. All kind of shocked by this and not sure what to do. The attention then turned to Mula who they had not seen the past day they proceeded to share the stories about the night before Mula and the monster with the group of 5 strange elves.
The rest of the group taking the a job from lord Gilthaniel for 150g each. They explained that they had to go to a park at midnight and just gaurd the elves. But then they were betrayed and had
to fight off a cult who seemed to want an amulet. Cybris showed up after the fight and made everyone tell the truth and that doppelgangers were everywhere.
Cybris said that he doesnt trust our group but we are the only ones he knows are not doppelgangers as they have taken and that Cybris will contact us in a few days to help him.

Xylia decides that she is going to ask (name) in the temple of validoor for more time to steal the items.
The Group goes out to the temple district with Britchard in the lead annoucing to all to make way for Grum the great
Once the group made it to the temple district they found Criers calling for the Arrest of Cybris for 1500 GP.
Xylia attempts to contact (name) only to find that they are unavailable leaves a message asking for more time for the mission.

The group makes their way back to the Relgurd mansion and find a Gnome that they have seen before Alton Goodbarrel makes an impashinate plea to the group to help him save his town from Ogres. Feeling bad but putting the bigger picture of the city in peril over that of a small town the Hero’s say they will help but they must first help the city more. Unknown to all Grum managed to steal Altons Purse after hearing the man had 72gold on him.
Grum offers to pay Alton if he starts cleaning up the Mansion. Alton & Britchard join the group on another outing to see if they could find the red door as it may offer a way out of the city

The group then decieds to see if they can find Cybris. First searching the old Manson that they originally found the dopplegangers in.
Unable to find him and unsure what to do next they then go to the house of Deacon Richard & jennifer cole only to find Jennifer had been murdered on the bed. Their worst fears that Richard was still a doppleganger were confirmed.

The group finally made the way to the Red door which Mula had found last night
They open the red door and are met again by the teifling. They provide the name that Mula received and the Teifling confirms that they are allowed in.
The Teifling provides a menu of services provided by the red door.
Information / Stealing / assassination / Chamber of endless flesh / Food and Drink / teleportation out of the city.

After much debate the group desides to pay 500G for the information of where Cybris is. As he is the only one who seems to be trying to help the city. The Teifling said that it would take 24 hours and to come back.

Grum decided to send Britchard back to the mansion and partake himself in the Chamber of endless Flesh.
Alton Goodbarrel wanted the group to leave the city but since he did not have 500G to pay for it he was stuck in the city still.

The Group returned back to the mansion and a few hours later covered in some unknown Goo Grum also returned.
The group Convered in the living room for the evening and talked about their options. Brichard was cleaning grum backpack and noticed the Stone horse took it out and started playing with it and with a flash of Light the stone statue that they had seen the flying man use was in the house.



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